Become a volunteer?

We can only create a great festival thanks to the help of many volunteers. For the 2018 edition we can also use your help.

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Volunteering for Midzomergracht festival is one of the best decisions to make. Seven good reasons why:  

  • You score multiple karma points by dedicating yourself to human rights

  • There are lots of fun activities organized for you, because you are so cool

  • You can show-off with the (organizational) skills that you already have, or that you get

  • You make new friends from the  whole LGBTI + spectrum

  • The satisfaction of putting something together beautiful 

  • We need you!!!! (help)

Shout out!

Our volunteer coordinator likes to hear where your qualities and interests lie. Together you will find something that makes you happy

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Examples of temporary volunteer positions

  • Coordinator party

  • Artist accompanist

  • Animator

  • Catering organizor

  • Chef de Village

  • Distributing flyers

And also many fixed positions:

  • digital & print designers

  • Copywriters

  • Content manager / editor

  • All round communication

  • Volunteer coordinator