Kees van den Berg fund

The Kees van den Berg fund is part of the Midzomergracht festival organization Stichting De Overkant. The fund is based in culture, education and sport, Accessibility of LGBTI + (lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, people with an intersex condition and everything in between).

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Innovation & Improvement

The fund wants to enable activities that contribute to more contact, more knowledge and more understanding between LGBTI + and between LGBTI + and non-LGBTI +. Innovation and improvement can have a major impact. The people behind the fund therefore want to motivate organizations to devise and create innovative activities, to collaborate with new partners and to address new target groups. For example, with a financial contribution from the fund, organizations can develop projects that require longer preparation and higher production costs.


To be eligible for a subsidy, a project or activity must meet different conditions. For example:

  • concrete and feasible

  • aimed at promoting LGBTI + acceptance

  •  held at least once in Utrecht and on the program of the Midzomergracht festival

Examples of activities are:

  • a lecture on homo acceptance within top sport during a (sports) event

  • a play about sexual diversity

  • a documentary about intersexuality


Applications closed

Applications for subsidies have been closed since 1 March 2018. Applications received before this date have been assessed by the advisory committee.

  • description of the project / activity

  • timings of the project / activity

  • target group of the project / activity

  • how the project / activity wants to achieve the sustainable acceptance of LGBTIs

  • the level and purpose of the requested subsidy

For the required documents and data, including the financial statement, see the subsidy  subsidy conditions 

The application must be submitted in full and in one piece. Incomplete applications will be returned untreated with an explanation.

Via the form below you can easily submit your application.

    Bij de aanvraag moet je een samenvatting meesturen van de aangeven onderdelen op deze pagina. Toegestane bestanden: pdf, txt, doc, docx ,ppt of pptx

    Ik wil de nieuwsbrief per e-mail ontvangen

    Advisory committee

    The application is assessed substantively by an advisory committee. The committee consists of five members who are not paid for this. These members belong to the LGBTI + target group and have extensive experience in the field of culture, education and / or sport.

    Sponsor us

    The fund is fed, among other things, by donations. We can imagine that you also want to contribute. For example, because you have no ideas yourself, but you appreciate that others organize something for you. Or because you want to show that your company sympathizes with our goals.

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