Mrs. Annie Brouwer-Korf (1946 – 2017) was the mayor of Utrecht from 1999 to 2008. In that period she has been particularly committed to the rights of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals of the city of Utrecht and far beyond.

Annie Brouwer-Korf award

Since 2007, the Annie Brouwer-Korf prize has therefore been awarded annually to the people who, just like them, are making a strong commitment to the acceptance and visibility of the pink community in Utrecht during Midzomergracht festival. In honor of her retirement as mayor in 2007 she was the first winner of the prize.

Previous winners

  • 2007 – Annie Brouwer-Korf
  • 2008 – Judith Schuyf
  • 2009 – Savannah Bay, Marischka Verbeek
  • 2010 – COC Midden-Nederland, Jacques Drabbe
  • 2011 – Stichting PANN
  • 2012 – Feibe Zweers
  • 2013 – Cantatori Del Duomo
  • 2014 – Cocktail (werkgroep COC)

  • 2015 – Utrecht Gender Divers
  • 2016 – Theater AanZ
  • 2017 – Breaking Borders
  • 2018 – You or your organization…?

How could you win the Annie Brouwer-Korf award 2018? 

Apply before 15 april 2018

Report an innovative activity or project that contributes to the integration, emancipation and / or acceptance of the LGBTI + community in the municipality of Utrecht. Organizations can also jointly submit a prize, as long as it is an unambiguous and stand-alone initiative.

Create a project plan of up to 2 A4-size pages, with the following points:

  • The exact content and purpose of your project / activitity

  • What makes your project or initiative innovative?

  • The intended meanding for the LGBTI+-community

  • The timings of your project / activitity.

  • Financial substantiation.

  • If your project is a subproject of a larger project, then you have to show that the goal and the intended meaning for the LGBTI + community of this subproject is sufficiently independent.

  • Submit an account / evaluation to the jury before 1 June 2019 (via the chairman of Midzomergracht).

Jury followes Utrecht’s Rainbow Agenda
A jury of five will take care of the assessment.

  • Kees van den Berg
  • Judith Schuyf
  • Marischka Verbeek
  • Fardusa Essa
  • Mieke Janssen

They take into account the goals of the Rainbow Agenda of the Municipality of Utrecht:

  • to increase the social acceptance of sexual and gender diversity

  • tackle prejudice, discrimination, intimidation and violence against LGBTI +

  • support LGBTI +  to feel safe and resilient in the social domain

What are you waiting for?

Send your registration before 15 April 2018 to Leon Bex, chairman of Midzomergracht festival.

Via the form below you can easily submit your registration.

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Veelgestelde vragen

As long as the execution of your project is in and for Utrecht, every organization, including organizations outside of Utrecht, can register to receive the ABK prize of € 5,000 (!). Only political parties are excluded from participation.

The payment date of the prize is determined in consultation with the Municipality of Utrecht. The winning organization must spend the prize between Midzomergracht 2018 and Midzomergracht 2019. The winning organization will give a presentation about their project / activity during Midzomergracht 2019.

15 April: Deadline application.

1 Jun: Deadline justification / evaluation

17 June: award ceremony of the ABK-award at Midzomergracht Village

Become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer for the Midzomergracht Festival will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. We can’t do it without the help of our many amazing volunteers. We’re still looking for help for our 2018 edition of the festival.